Have you ever wanted to demo something in a pub but your software needs to be on a network? Trying to demo something that needs a network adapter installed for some reason? I’m going to demo a system tonight and I’m going to run a webserver in a virtual machine and then connect to that from the desktop. I don’t actually need any wires for the network but the two ‘computers’ do need networking.

This situation calls for the ‘Loopback’ adapter.

  • Go to the add hardware wizard and add hardware manually.
  • Select the microsoft devices
  • Find the Loopback network adapter and select it
  • Assign the adapter a static IP address.
  • Now tweak the virtual machines configuration so that it can see the network ‘card’.
  • Load the virtual machine.
  • Assign a static IP address to it’s version of the network card. Note that it might not be reporting that it’s a loopback adapter.

Now the two machines can communicate and you can demo your software.

You might find this useful for software that simply requires a network adapter. I’m told reliably that the Advantage really doesn’t like to be demo’d without a network connection being present.

There are also another variety of uses outlined in these posts, Setting Up A Virtual Pc ‘complex’ Network and Networking Settings in Virtual PC where I found out how to do what I needed.


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