Heme – a linux hex editor

Heme’s a simple hex editor for Linux. It actually compiles and works on Mac OS X too but some of the key mappings aren’t quite right. It’s on sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/heme/

I actually made a small contribution to it’s codebase too. Including at least one bug! I also fixed said bug when I spotted it 😉

The advantage of it is that it’s so simple it’s really likely to compile. It’s functionality is a bit limited but I could always expand it some more. A lot of the other hex editors I found wouldn’t compile or had dependencies I didn’t like.


3 thoughts on “Heme – a linux hex editor

  1. i have to install heme on my friend’s linux server machine but don’t have permissions to do that for my user. The best i can do is use a binary which can directly open the hex editor and not require permissions to install it.
    Is it possible?

  2. You don’t have to do a make install to use the program. All you need is the program. You can run it from anywhere. The heme binary is created in the same directory as the make file after you’ve done a ‘make’. Then just do ./heme to run it!

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