Importing from TextPattern to WordPress

There is allegedly a script for moving a TextPattern blog to WordPress but it appears to require db access on the WordPress end. I haven’t looked around too hard and I only signed up to WordPress today but I’m guessing I won’t get that on this nice hosted version.

Instead I figured out I may as well figure out an alternative. If you look on your Manage->Import page you will see 4 different import methods. The one I figured I would be able to use was the WordPress one. With that in mind I exported my current site, all 2 articles at the time to it (one draft and one live). It turns out it pushes out an RSS feed with a few custom elements defined.

For my first attempt I tried importing the raw RSS feed from my textpattern into WordPress. It said it was importing article 1, article 2…. etc. Unfortunately nothing actually came in. A closer look at the WordPress export file shows that the article data isn’t stored in the usual “description” element but in a “content:encoded” element instead.

My second attempt used a quick perl script to mung the items into the correct format. I used the feed I had exported as the template, removed the existing data then added the new items I generated. This file imported fine. One minor problem though, I didn’t pay attention to the dates. It would appear that the wp:post_date and other wp:*_date fields are the ones that WordPress care about because all my articles say they were published in 1970. The dates have a different format to the RSS published date so I need to tweak my script. I still need to pull my draft articles in so I may yet fix it. If I do I will post the fix.


use strict;
use XML::Simple;

my $xs = XML::Simple->new();
my $rss_feed = $xs->XMLin("feed.rss");
my $xml = $xs->XMLout($rss_feed);
my $items = $rss_feed->{channel}->{item};

# I set this as being above the last ID of the posts already on my blog
# I'm not sure if it matters.
my $num = 4;
foreach my $item (@$items)
	$item->{link} =~ /.*\/(.*?)$/;
	my $name = $1;
	my $date =
print << "END";


<guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>

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