Playing with the VO Repository programatically

Unlike most conventional programming environments the source code for VO is typically not stored in text files. Instead it is stored in a set of binary files it calls the ‘repository’. These are all a custom format specific to VO. This repository is called the Automatic Dependency-based Application Management system.

In order to access this repository safely you need to get the VO SDK. Once this is installed you can use the relevant dll’s to modify and read it. If you want to use VO as the programming language import the AEF in the Samples\SDKDef directory for the functions.

In actual fact the SDK doesn’t provide the functionality; that is already a part of VO itself. The SDK provides the relevant information for the compilers (C or VO) to be able to use these functions in your programs.

If you are programming in C or C++ you will find that the VC++ 5 .lib’s work fine with VC++ 6 too. Simply go to the Tools->Options->Directories and add an includes path to the include dir in the SDK and one libraries path pointing to the lib dir.


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