My first open source project

I created my first full open source project last summer.  While going to the Perl conference and before I found someone to tell me the module that did what I needed (Date::Manip) I created a library for converting a string to a date.  It’s really simple and already done everywhere else but I wanted it for use in a commercial project to make some UI more attractive.  The module is up on google code at

It’s not the only open source project I’ve contributed to but it’s my first where I own it.  Not that anyone should actually use it.  I just wanted to make sure I had the code available when I wanted something quick and simple to use.

One other interesting project I contributed some code to is the heme project –  It’s a simple hex editor for *nix.

The google code project hosting and sourceforge are both fine.  Google seems to be more lightweight but they do keep adding features.  When I first put up my project there was bug tracking and subversion.  Now there’s some wiki stuff and downloads.  If you use gmail then the google offering is pretty neat because you don’t need another login.


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