Linux in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Several people have written about installing Linux on a Windows Virtual PC, Phil Haak, David Brunelle and a bunch more.

The gist is to install using text mode or ‘safe’ graphics mode then before X loads to edit the configuration to prevent it from using 24bit colours and turn it down to 16 bit. This prevents the messed up graphics.

Using Fedora 7 on Virtual PC 2007 seems to require more than was mentioned in those articles. Luckily one of the commenter’s on David Brunelle’s blog had the solution, change the boot line to remove the “rhgb quiet” and replace it with “vga=788”. You should then be able to boot into single mode (just add the word single after all that).

You can use the recovery CD instead of single mode, in which case follow the recover prompts which look like the original installer until it drops you onto a root shell.


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