Rhino Mocks

I’ve been playing about with Rhino Mocks trying to figure out if I want to use it.  It’s definitely worth looking at for Db stuff but for my non database application it’s still a bit uncertain.

It’s worth reading Ben Hall’s introduction to Rhino Mocks if you are thinking of using it.   It explains the limitations of it best.  The one that I wish I’d really paid attention to was the bit about only being able to mock virtual methods.  If you ignore that and try to mock a non virtual method you get a “Invalid call, the last call has been used or no call has been made (make sure that you are calling a virtual (C#) / Overridable (VB) method).”. Stupidly I got hung up on the first part of the message and didn’t notice the answer in the second half.

2Wire gateways

If you’ve got a 2wire adsl gateway you might want to try browsing to /mdc on the web interface.  On our gateway it turns out to be a more technical page allowing administration.  It’s ironically easier to use because it has more of the information you need available there.   Everything is generally easier to reach too!