.Net deployment

Now that I’ve given the talk on .Net Deployment I figured it would be worth putting together some links for people wanting to find out more about what I said.

As a refresher here are the titles of my slides,

  1. Introduction
  2. .Net avoids DLL hell
  3. Get the right DLL’s
  4. Strong Names
  5. 32 Bit & 64 Bit
  6. Vista
  7. Virtualization
  8. Manifests
  9. Code access privileges
  10. Settings
  11. Vulcan
  12. Installer technology
  13. UAC
  14. Installers and x64
  15. Automating things
  16. Debug information
  17. Other dependencies
  18. Testing the installer

Here are some links to some of the things I talked about,

Figuring out dependencies

Strong names

Code Access Security


64 bit

Installer technology



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