Stack overflow rocks

I’ve still yet to gain any reputation on Stack overflow but it’s already proving to be useful.  It’s already answered some of my questions on MVC development and now it’s just saved me some pain and frustration while wondering why my code to use a FoxPro database isn’t working on my laptop.

As a side note on someone’s question Brian Behm has made a note that you need to be in 32 bit mode to use the Fox Pro Ole DB driver.  That explains why I was getting the ‘The 'vfpoledb' provider is not registered on the local machine.’ exception despite having installed the driver.  All I need to do is add an x86 platform to my project and when I build with msbuild specify the platform using /p:Platform=x86.  I go through this pain so the users don’t have to!

The only down side is that it’s not exactly searchable.  The only reason I found it was because I’d reached desperation search mode.  I guess I should just ask the question properly on Stack overflow and then he can answer it again there and we’ll both gain some reputation points and it will be searchable for others.

I suppose it would be neat if you could break existing threads up on Stack overflow so that you can mark a comment as being the answer to a different question.