Microsoft Marketing

The Marketing people at Microsoft have really been busy lately.  Lots of American TV show’s I’ve been watching have had plenty of Microsoft plugs.  Things like Windows glowing logos on the backs of their monitors (both laptop and desktop).  Then there was the episode of NCSI Los Angeles where the character does the shaky thing to minimize all the other windows with his Windows 7.

Now there are major sites suggesting you use IE8 because it works so well with them.  There’s the Guardian – and who’ve developed a toolbar –

While it’s neat to see the Apple bias being offset in the movies this is getting a little weird.  They seem to be making a lot more impact these days.  Ever since their rather cool comeback to the Mac/PC ads with the I’m a PC campaign they’ve been a lot more pervasive in their marketing.  Heck there’s even one of those “I’m a PC” “stickers on my laptop.


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