Notes on setting meteor up on Ubuntu

I’ve been curious about trying comet and a look at suggests meteor is the obvious choice for me given my love of perl.

I’ve only scratched the surface so far but it seems really easy to use and potentially pretty powerful.  Having just taken it out of the box I figured I’d note down the tweaks I needed to make to install it on my ubuntu box.  I followed the installation instructions and they’re pretty good, just tailored to Fedora it appears.

  1. Execute permissions.  The two main scripts once untarred didn’t appear to have execute permissions.  Just chmod +x /etc/init.d/meteord and meteord.
  2. The /etc/init.d references some init helper scripts that are presumably specific to fedora or that general flavour of linux.  Commenting out the . /etc/init.d/functions line doesn’t do any harm.  That stuff presumably just provides nicer gui stuff.  Without it you don’t see a ‘started’ message when you start, but a quick check of the log at /var/log/meteord shows whether it’s loaded or not.  I suppose the one thing they could do to make things smoother is to add a test for that script and simply not execute it if not found.
  3. The init script truncates the log every time the server runs.  I’m not entirely sure if I like that or not.
  4. If you don’t install to the default /usr/local directory you need to add the SubscriberDocumentRoot parameter yourself manually to the config.

Now I have the shiny new technology to play with I have a few questions to ponder.  Mainly to do with setting up things for intranet type sites where everything is done by logged in users.  Like how do I do security so only valid people see the stuff they are meant to?  Can I put comet on ssl?  For that last one I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to run the comet server through apache as a fastcgi server so I can make use of it’s ssl handling and also solve the problem of needing two domain names.


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