New Salt version break

I started getting these error messages last week and I discovered it was actually caused by an incompatibility between the new version 2014.01 and an old server 0.17. In general if you’re finding strange errors, particularly with configuration that used to work, double check your version numbers match. You can always do a ‘salt machine test.version’ to check the clients version.

salt machine state.highstate
	State: - no
	Name:  	states
	Function:  None
    	Result:	False
    	Comment:   No Top file or external nodes data matches found

Or via salt-call state.highstate

[ERROR   ] Got a bad pillar from master, type bool, expecting dict: False

One thought on “New Salt version break

  1. I hit that last night.

    I also discovered another issue after doing the upgrade where it rejected with an error (whose text I can’t remember) anything of the following form in my state .sls files:

        - require:
            - pkg.installed: bar

    salt now only seems to accept this form for requirements:

        - require:
             - pkg: bar

    In other words the ‘.installed’ bit doesn’t seem to be recognised any more, so you need to remove that from your slses.

    You can still use this though:


    It’s just the .installed bit in the require (and possibly other clauses) that aren’t accepted.

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