vim dependency

I have just been trying out eclipse and I realised I’ve become so used to vim I’m really a clutz with a regular text editor now. When it comes to programming I’ve become dependant on vim. My recent addiction started when I got a laptop with lame arrow keys and figured vim would make more sense. I installed vim and viemu for Visual Studio and never looked back. These days I’m just using vim since I’m working on linux but I’m really heavily dependant on it. It’s odd because as I type this in a regular editor this is fine, but when I see curly braces I feel lost without vim.

Luckily there is a plugin for eclipse called vrapper. It has most of the things I need. There are a couple of bits missing, but it’s enough to keep me from feeling all at sea.

I think I’ll take a look at the source code now it’s on github. I don’t know whether I can contribute to the project, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see a vim emulator as it’s still in the process of being built.

Oh and just in case I forget, the way to install new software is on the Help menu in eclipse.